The World Portrait Archive is an evolving photographic collection of street portraits from around the globe. The principal aim of this project is to document and share the diverse faces and cultures that populate the earth, providing the viewer with an intimate visual account as to how people really look at street level worldwide. The World Portrait Archive is operated by photographer Alex Schoelcher. Born in London to French and Iranian parents, Alex spent his childhood growing up in Nigeria, Syria, Holland and the United Kingdom, before moving to Melbourne, Australia, where he currently resides after completing a Bachelor degree in Photography at RMIT in 2014. 

Feel free to explore the countries listed, where Alex chronicles his photographic collection of street portraits from the countries he has visited. With the support of friends and sponsors, Alex hopes to continue to grow his list of locations over time. Also please take the time to peruse the list of sponsors supporting this initiative, as their assistance is integral to achieving a truly global picture of the people of the world.


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